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Darryn Melerine
Darryn Melerine
Darryn Melerine

Darryn is a New Orleans-based brand ambassador and influencer. He is largely known throughout the continental U.S. and has quickly grown into a recognized international public figure. 


His charismatic look appeals to a broad range of markets and engages a variety of audiences, making it easy for others to relate to his unique style and blend of versatility. He lives an extremely active lifestyle in fashion, business, travel, martial arts, and fitness. Living life to the fullest and always being on the go with a demanding travel schedule are a few of the many reasons people find him and his social platforms so intriguing! On any day you may find him with top-level senior executives in boardroom meetings in London; participating in fashion week events in New York; walking the grounds of Coachella (Palm Spring, CA) with top models taking in a cultural experience; hosting a Miami or Las Vegas pool party or nightlife event; or teaching martial arts/self-defense classes to law enforcement agencies, citizens and professional athletes.


Darryn is one of the most experienced and dynamic Martial Artist you’ll find internationally. He holds ranks as a 5th Dan (Go Dan/Renshi) / 5th Degree Black Belt in Minami Ryu Jujitsu, and is recognized by multiple other respected worldwide organizations. He regularly teaches classes at his home-based dojo (Zanshin Dojo) located in Mandeville, LA, and also travels to conduct classes, seminars, and clinics with other traditional martial arts organizations, mixed martial arts competitors, professional athletes, law enforcement agencies, and military armed forces. He also performs self-defense, women’s self-defense, and anti-bullying clinics and demonstrations for corporations. 


Darryn has received top model achievements such as “Best In Show” for many runway shows, and “Most Photogenic” during multiple shows in New York and Los Angels, voted on by noteworthy judges such as Stephanie Seymour. He is a film & IMDb Member-Accredited actor for roles in “Interview With The Vampire” (Director - Neil Jordan), with actors Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas, and “Stone Cold” (Director - Craig R. Baxley) with actors Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe. He has also appeared in multiple television, commercial and print ads.


Darryn is a Men’s Health Magazine Ultimate Guy Finalist, a Bacardi Limon Model Search National Finalist, and was recognized as one of the worldwide top influencers, being nominated as “Best Influencer” and receiving the “Young Player of the Year” award in 2018. 


In addition, he is also a talented athlete, and you can frequently find him on a sand volleyball court or competing in Open Divisions of Flag Football Tournaments. In fact, Darryn is a multiple-time 1st Team All American and MVP, 2x State Champion, 1x Runner Up & 2x Collegiate National Champion, 10x Open National Champion, 2x World Champion, and NIRSA National Flag Football Championships Hall of Fame Member.


He has a passion for learning and honing his skills to be the best. It is this tenacity, determination, and vision that makes Darryn a cut above. He stops at nothing, changes for no one, and if you think it can’t be done, he will strive to show you how it can! 


Darryn was born in New Orleans, LA and raised in the small community of St. Bernard Parish. When he finds idle time away from business, travel, martial arts, or his aggressively growing social media presence, Darryn enjoys time with family and friends and doing anything outdoors, including hiking, fishing, horseback riding or just catching a sunset or sitting under the stars. 


Darryn currently resides in New Orleans, LA.

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