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#NewManMonday Challenge: 7 Killer Style Accessories For Business

They say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I think it should go, “Dress for the LIFE you want,” because that is key to attracting success.

When dressing for the life you want to have, details matter! If your clothes are the main ingredient of a dish, accessories are like the spices that bring out their flavor.

Especially in things you use every day, it’s smarter to invest in ONE high-quality men’s accessory rather than a string of cheap knockoffs. Luxury pieces hold up for years in both style and durability. They elevate your clothes and give you confidence. When you feel successful inside, success tends to come to you on the outside.

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Here are a few of my personal go-to men’s style accessories for business:

Even when you were a kid, you knew there’s nothing better than a backpack to carry everything you need. With all the storage pockets and classic backpack design that make it handy, this utility version is by Coach so it’ll last forever.

A messenger bag is a solid business-casual choice. It’s more formal then the backpack yet more casual than a briefcase. It’s practical and cool and gives an outfit an urban feel. This version is super sexy with clean lines and supple calf leather.

LIMITED-EDITION WATCH – NAVITIMER GMT STRATOS GREY – BREITLING A watch has always been a man’s signature accessory. I think it’s important to keep this tradition alive by investing in an heirloom-quality timepiece. I chose this Breitling limited-edition version, though yours might be very different. It’s fun to do the research and settle on your personal statement piece that says, “I made it.”

Wear the right shades and your face is always money! As an active guy, I invest in rugged sport-performance sunglasses with superior filtering and options like Polarized lenses—they give reality a little more color. Life actually looks brighter when you pop them on.

Create a lasting impression for a potential employer or client when you pull a stylish case out of your pocket and hand them your business card. Card holders have a practical use (to keep your cards clean and crisp) and this adds another subtle way of showcasing your success.

Yeah, you can buy pens for $2.99 a pack—but once you write with a luxury pen you realize how enjoyable the writing experience can be. It’s designed and weighted to make sure that whatever you write is bold, smooth and decisive. This is another heirloom piece that makes a statement about your sense of self-worth whenever you take it out.

Your phone is probably the one item in your life you use all day, every day, so this is an accessory you should choose with care. I love this case because it’s slim and not bulky and has a soft inner lining to protect the phone. This combines the best of city and country as it’s a sophisticated take on camo with dope graffiti inspo.

It’s not always possible to buy everything at once so build up! Pick one to start and add as you go. Even luxury brands go on sale so keep your radar up for smart times to buy investment pieces that make you feel successful and confident. Remember that style isn’t just about what everyone else can see, it’s about how it makes you feel.


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